The new website of the Province of Rome highlights the factors of accessibility and usability.
Since the previous version, the management and the website staff (Institutional Communications Office – President’s Cabinet) have worked on the structure and layout in order to enhance the use of the website by categories of disabled persons.
In order to achieve these results, the Province website follows the WCAG 1.0 guidelines, a set of 14 guidelines to make websites accessible while awaiting compliance with the rules laid down specifically by the CNIPA.
They provide for specific work on the HTML and CSS code, as well as accurate work on the clarity of the language, independence from the hardware and navigability.
These rules have been laid down by the W3C , the International web consortium, in order to achieve complete accessibility both with regard to the xHTLM code (improving the visual aspect with templates), and to the contents.
The WAI consortium document also provides for three levels of compliance with the regulations:

  • Priority 1. Regulations that must be complied with by all, otherwise some groups of users will find it impossible to gain access to the information (Level A compliance)
  • Priority 2. Regulations that should be implemented, otherwise there will be difficult access to some information by one or more groups of users (level AA)
  • Priority 3. Regulations that could be satisfied in order to improve access to one or more groups of users (level AAA).

Art. 8
(Procedure for use of the logo by the parties stated in paragraph 1, Article 3 of Law no. 4 of 2004)
1. The public administrations and in any case the parties stated in Art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law no. 4 of 2004, which intend to utilize the logo on their websites and on the services provided, shall autonomously evaluate accessibility on the basis of technical regulations defined in the Decree of the Minister for Innovation and Technology, set forth in Article 11 of Law no. 4 of 2004; a positive evaluation, after reporting to CNIPA, allows for use of the logo.

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