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  • Printers, publishers and booksellers in Rome
  • The history of the Province of Rome
  • Indexes of "Rassegna del Lazio"
    • A short history of the review
    • Features and portraits of a lunatic asylum
    • In Hospitio Insanorum
    • Quarter XIV Borgo
    • Porta S. Spirito
    • Trionfale Bridge
    • Barberini Pavilion (formerly Villa)
    • S. Maria della Pietà Mental Hospital
    • San Giovanni dei Fiorentini
    • Hospice des Aliénés
    • The old hospital on Via Lungara 
    • Pavilion for "peaceful" patients
    • Pavilion XXXII – Workshops – Printing press
    • Insanity in the towns of the Province of Rome
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