Ponte Trionfale

Immagine - Ponte Trionfale

 Vasi, Giuseppe (1710 – 1782)

Vestigia dell’antico Ponte Trionfale : 1. Chiesa di S. Giovanni de Fiorentini 2. Piloni di detto ponte 3. Spedale de Pazzi 4. Palazzo Salviati 5. Chiesa di S. Onofrio 6. Villa Lanti 7. Villa Corsini 8. Casino Farnese / G. Vasi dis. e inc. – Roma: Si trova dall’Autore…, 1786. - 1 stampa: 214 x 334 mm. – In basso a sin.: 87

In: Raccolta delle più belle vedute antiche, e moderne di Roma / disegnate e incise secondo lo stato presente dal Cavalier Giuseppe Vasi. Volume primo. – In Roma: Si trova dall’Autore nel palazzo Farnese, 1786.
BPR Inc. II 29/1

Picture 87 provides a vivid depiction of life on the Tiber, with cargo boats, landings and ruins of the ancient bridge; on the left we see the area of the Tiber with the Church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, departure point of the ferry boats crossing the river near the lunatic asylum. On the right we can see the “suburban villa belt” located on the Janiculum, with the Casino Farnese, Villa Corsini, Villa Lante, Palazzo Salviati and the church of S. Onofrio.
The image shows the appearance of the hospital as seen from the Tiber during the second half of the 18th century, with the two courtyards, one for men and one for women, separated by a central passageway, with its numerous superstructures, the gardens, the boundary walls inside the hospital and the Lancisiana fountain.

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