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Traits and (por)traits of a mental hospital

immagine da un volume in mostra

Image from:                                     
Edgardo Negri e Silvio Chiera, Il manicomio provinciale di Roma: ricordo della posa della prima pietra.
29 giugno 1909, [S.l. : s.n.], [1909?]


Pavilion no. VI - Museum of the Mind – of the former Psychiatric Hospital of Santa Maria della Pietà was the venue for the exhibition Features and portraits of a lunatic asylum. Drawings of the Santa Maria della Pietà Hospital in Rome (Tratti e ritratti di un manicomio. Disegni dell’Ospedale Santa Maria della Pietà a Roma) promoted by the Province of Rome, in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Resources and Activities, the Lazio Region, the City of Rome and the Centro Studi sulla Cultura e l'Immagine di Roma.
The rich display of images illustrated the history and architectural changes of the hospital, from its foundation as the “hospital for the mad” in its original location of Piazza Colonna, up to its closing following the Basaglia Law.
For the exhibition, the Library placed some books and prints on display and wrote the descriptive text.
The exhibition catalogue was published in 2003 by De Luca Editori d'Arte and edited by Franca Fedeli Bernardini, for the Study Department of the Province of Rome.


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