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Kircher, Athanasius - Latium. - Amstelaedami, 1671
The Rome Provincial Library, founded in 1912, is a library specialized in the history, art, popular traditions and customs of the territory of the province of Rome, in accordance with the Regulations approved by Council Resolution no. 9 of 17 September 2003. 
The resources for the documentation of local history consists of books and illustrations on the history of Rome, the Province and the Papal States: documents on the history, art and popular traditions, historical and archaeological studies on ancient sites in Lazio, guidebooks to Rome from the 16th and 17th centuries, works on the River Tiber, statues of municipalities and corporations, announcements and posters, travel diaries and minor material (brochures and leaflets). Some editions are highly valuable printings published by Manuzio, Tramezino, Grifo and Blado. The Filippo Passamonti collection of books and periodicals on Grottaferrata, the Tusculum area and the Alban Hills is of considerable interest. 
Among the valuable prints we can cite the works of Ferrerio, Vasi, Rossini, Lear and Thomas, and the large collection of works by Pinelli; the plan of Rome by Nolli deserves special attention.
The Library has the major periodicals on local culture and history such as “Ghetanaccio”, “Rassegna del Lazio”, “Strenna dei Romanisti”, “Capitolium”, “Lazio Ieri e Oggi” and “Rivista storica del Lazio”, as well as a collection of photographs on the area and on the institutional activities of the Province.

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