Rione XIV Borgo

foto: carta geografica, particolare - incisione

 Nolli, Giambattista (1692-1756)

R. XIV Borgo. R. VII Regola / [Giambattista Nolli]. – [Città del Vaticano: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana; 1932]. – 1 stampa; 65 x 41 mm. – Tit. in cornice

In: Roma al tempo di Benedetto XIV: la pianta di Roma / di Giambattista Nolli del 1748 riprodotta da una copia vaticana; con introduzione di Francesco Ehrle S. I. – Città del Vaticano: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 1932. – (Le piante maggiori di Roma dei secoli XVI-XVIII, riprodotte in fototipia a cura della Biblioteca Vaticana; 6)
Riproduzione dell’ed.
[Roma] : [s.n.], 1748
BPR G. F. B. III, 6

A series of the Vatican Library comprises the most famous maps of Rome produced between the 15th and 18th centuries, in order to make them available in good quality reproductions.

The map by Giambattista Nolli, printed in 1748 in 12 double-page sheets, shows a geometrical depiction of Rome in the mid-18th century before the layout of the city was completely transformed in the Napoleonic period. The numerous inscriptions reproduced and the churches, monasteries, seminaries and oratories, villas, gardens and orchards, reflect the large number of palazzi and private homes, with copies of often unknown inscriptions, as well as descriptions of monuments subsequently destroyed or concealed.
This map, dedicated to Benedict XIV by the engraver from Como, is of great topographical and archaeological interest, and was the basis of the new layout of Rome’s quarters (“rioni”) established by the pope, and is an indispensable tool for studying the history of the city and its families.
In the print showing the Borgo quarter, Villa Barberini with its Baroque gardens is clearly visible in the centre left-hand part.
Nolli’s map contains the first graphic documentation of the new lunatic asylum designed by Filippo Raguzzini, a few years after the hospital was transferred from Piazza Colonna to Via della Lungara, with the double courtyard for male and female inmates, and the chapel of S. Maria Maddalena.

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