School and Local History

particolare della locandina del progetto

Under the project called Schools and local history: lines of research in the local area, the Library has proposed collaboration between the Province of Rome and the various institutions, such as municipalities, the Lazio Regional Schools Department, upper schools and libraries, as an incentive for study and knowledge about the local area, as a complex whole involving history, art, archaeology, customs and traditions, and current affairs.


Approximately 850 students coming from 20 schools distributed throughout the province and 16 municipal libraries, involving a total of 20 municipalities, participated in the 2-year project (2005-2007).

There were 22 research projects and their products: the documents, both printed and multimedia, were presented at the end of each school year, at public events held at the Auditorium Conciliazione and the Temple of Hadrian in Rome.

The results of the works were published in a boxed set (two books and two DVDs), with the contribution of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, and were distributed to the institutions concerned with the subject of local history.

The project started with a Series of update meetings for teachers and librarians, to set up the method for the research to be conducted in the archives and libraries, and through interviews with regard to oral testimonies. During the research phase, monitoring and tutoring activity was commissioned from researchers specialized in various disciplines.


The Provincial Library provided for all the aspects involving editing, organization, coordination and communications, and provided tools for bibliographical supports.


To find out more: pages The project and The project in the local area and attachments.


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